Regional and National CERTs


Mossé Cyber Security Institute (MCSI) has created a unique opportunity to provide two comprehensively designed Certification training programmes, free of charge, to regional and national Computer Emergency and Response Teams (CERTs).

The reason is simple: Members of regional and national CERTs dedicate their careers to protecting nations by offering incident response and management services, as well as sending out security advisories and bulletins. Moreover, they coordinate takedowns of adversary infrastructure. In essence, MCSI shares the same mission objectives and values with CERTs. Therefore, it is only natural for us to reach out, acknowledge their value through giving something back to them for these very important services they provide in keeping our country safe.

The Certification trainings are delivered via our Online Learning Platform (OLP) which offers uniquely designed exercises that are practical and challenging. They can do these at their own pace. Students who successfully complete our strongly challenging exercises will acquire skills that will be immediately applicable in the field. Our instructors answer questions quickly, in most cases within a few hours, in order to support the student’s skills advancement.

MCSI offers its support for their capabilities by offering CERTs top-notch training and Certifications free-of-charge, with absolutely no strings attached.

MCSI Certifications

The two (2) MCSI Certifications that any member of a Nation CERT can avail themselves from are:

Cumulatively, these certifications offer 1000 hours’ worth of solid, robust training.

The training has no expiry date, no renewal fees, and no hidden fees.


Some of the skills that you will learn from MCSI’s Certifications:

  • Perform digital forensics investigations on Windows systems
  • Use memory forensics to identify and analyse modern APT samples
  • Perform network forensics on PCAP files to investigate intrusions
  • Analyse files, executables, and malware samples
  • Identify and track adversary infrastructure based on IOCs generated from an investigation
  • Understand an organisation's exposure to cyber-attacks and which threat actors may target it
  • Baseline enterprise assets and extract tactical and technical intelligence at scale
  • Identify malware infrastructure and track attack campaigns
  • Discover new threat actors and malware samples that could target organisations you defend
  • Safely probe, infiltrate, and monitor adversary campaigns
  • Use Structured Analytics Techniques to attribute cyber attacks
  • Produce threat intelligence products such as reports, briefings, and IOCs

How to Apply

Apply now by contacting us via email: [email protected]

The application process is as follows:

  1. MCSI confirms your CERT’s eligibility for this Community Initiative
  2. We schedule a teleconference call to demonstrate the Online Learning Platform
  3. MCSI unlocks the Certification training for your team members
  4. MCSI lists your CERT on our website for value visibility


Any verifiable regional or national CERT/CSIRT.


AusCERT is the premier Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) in Australia and a leading CERT in the Asia/Pacific region. AusCERT operates within a worldwide network of information security experts to provide computer incident prevention, response and mitigation strategies for members and assistance to affected parties in Australia.

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The Albanian National CSIRT guarantees security for trusted services, in particular for guaranteeing reliability and security in electronic transactions between citizens, business and public authorities, increasing the effectiveness of public and private services and electronic commerce and sets minimum technical standards for data and network security, in accordance with international standards in this field, in order to create a secure cyber ecosystem.

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Pakistan Information Security Association - Computer Emergency Response Team (PISA-CERT) was started its full operation since 2012. Operating from the office of PISA Pakistan, PISA-CERT provides a point of reference for the Internet community in Pakistan to deal with computer security incidents. PISA-CERT provides assistance to respond security incidents such as intrusion, identity theft, hacking, cyber harassment and other computer security related incidents and minimize their impact. It also provide proactive measures to minimize the security incident.

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About Mossé Cyber Security Institute

Mossé Cyber Security Institute:

Mossé Cyber Security Institute (MCSI) is Australia’s leading education center for cyber security.

The mission of MCSI is to impart and sustain an unparalleled cutting-edge depth of enterprise security education that addresses the detrimental realities of how cyber adversaries compromise organisations in ways that affect people from all walks of life across all industries.

Our vision is to educate one million individuals over the next 5 years capable of taking-on and solving today’s and tomorrow’s greatest enterprise and national cyber threat challenges.

Since we established MCSI in 2015, we have trained over 1000 cyber security professionals worldwide, delivered 100’s of workshops, and have given presentations to over 500 business executives and board members Australia-wide, as well as internationally.

Our parent company, Mossé Security, was established in 2010, and both are based on a foundational philosophy that fosters and promotes a Culture of Learning. We believe that our values, the processes we’ve established, and our practices promote as well as encourage continuous cyber learning. Our certification programmes cultivate the achievement of incremental competence to the highest level of cyber security mastery. Within our own employee ranks, our professionals advance through our unique in-house mentoring system, and hone their cyber skills with over 200 hours of high-level training programmes a year.

Our instructors are all top expert cyber security professionals who have compromised well over 100,000 machines during ethical hacking engagements, have responded to hundreds of major cyber security incidents, (some of which have been exposed in national news), and possess a well-rounded experience in delivering complex as well as multi-faceted security engagements for some of the world’s largest organisations.

Universities and learning institutions willingly partner with us to offer education and training that goes above and beyond the teaching capabilities of their own professors and lecturers.

As such, a strategic partnership with MCSI provides guarantees that their students will have access to up-to-date training materials that will best prepare them to join and contribute to the industry in the most valuable way.

Mossé Security:

Mosse Security provides worldwide cyber security solutions and strategic security advice to state and federal government agencies, multi-billion-dollar companies, and security minded C-level executives.

Our track record includes responding to industrial espionage campaigns, protecting privacy and confidential information of millions of Australians, providing security education and training to several of the largest financial institutions (Australian and New Zealand Bank, National Australian Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia) and government agencies (Department of Defence), detecting and investigating security breaches (some of which have been exposed in national news), and tracking down cyber adversaries to get them arrested.