MVRE - Certified Vulnerability Researcher and Exploitation Specialist


MCSI Certification Programs are truly worldclass with cutting-edge content that offers you uniquely-designed, hands-on practical and challenging exercises that teach skills immediately applicable in the field towards benefiting career advancement.

This Certification has no expiry date, no renewal fees, no hidden fees, and is accessible with no time limits.

MCSI Certified Vulnerability Researcher and Exploitation Specialist:
  • Identify and select high-value targets for vulnerability research
  • Perform Attack Surface Identification and establish key focus areas for vulnerability research
  • Employ multiple vulnerability research techniques such as fuzzing harnesses, patching diffing, OSINT research, taint analysis and SMT Solvers
  • Triage crashes and identify the best bugs to spend energy and time exploiting
  • Bypass modern exploit mitigations on Windows 10
  • Develop and weaponise N-Days and Zero-Days

This Certification focuses 100% on teaching vulnerability research and exploitation techniques for the Windows operating system. Nonetheless, all the knowledge and tradecraft learnt can be applied on other operating systems such as Unix, OSX, and iOS.

Career Outcomes

Individuals who have successfully achieved their MVRE Certification can discover and exploit zero-day vulnerabilities in software deployed on workstations, servers, smartphones and embedded systems. The MVRE Certificate well prepares you for a junior position in a vulnerability research team or to participate in Bug Bounty programs.

Training Curriculum and Online Assessment

Students must successfully complete 100 practical exercises in MCSI's Online Learning Platform (OLP) prior to undertaking the Final Online Assessment to obtain this Certification.

As an MCSI Certified Vulnerability Researcher and Exploitation Specialist you will be fully capable of performing the following:

  1. Key Topics
    • Static Analysis
    • Dynamic Analysis
    • Attack Surface Identification
    • Fuzzing Harnesses
    • Stack Overflow
    • Heap Overflow
    • Use-after-Free
    • Race Conditions
    • Triaging
  2. Vulnerability Research Tools
    • Ghidra
    • Domato
    • BinDiff
    • DynamoRio
    • WinAFL
    • WinDBG
    • Qiling
    • ProcMon
    • RPCView
    • Process Hacker
    • WinObjEx
    • OleViewDotNet
    • NtObjectManager
  3. Bypassing Mitigations
    • Stack Cookies
    • DEP
    • ASLR
    • CFG
    • KASLR
    • SMEP
  4. Triaging Crashes
    • Doctor Memory
    • ASAN
    • Driver Verifier
    • Root Cause Analysis
  5. OSINT Research
    • Identifying high-value targets
    • Profiling developers
    • Discovering vulnerability patterns
  6. Advanced Topics
    • Integrating exploits into Metasploit
    • Developing target validation capabilities
    • Identifying vulnerabilities using patch diffing
    • Writing N-Day exploits
    • Taint Analysis
    • SMT Solvers
  7. Targets
    • Network services
    • Desktop applications
    • Browsers
    • Anti-virus software

Why MCSI’s Vulnerability Research and Exploitation Certification is World Class

  • World-Class Requirements Met Are Above Standard: Holders of the MVRE Certification have completed 100 practical online exercises thus demonstrating that they have the skills and knowledge in the following areas: software fuzzing, triaging, bypassing mitigations, weaponisation, patching diffing, taint analysis, and identifying zero-days in browsers, desktop applications, network services, smartphone applications and embedded systems.
  • Internals Focused: Students who have obtained this Certification have demonstrated that they have a full understanding of the Windows operating system's internals and they are capable bypassing exploit mitigations from Windows XP to Windows 10.
  • Zero-Day Level: Students who have obtained MVRE have demonstrated that they can identify and exploit zero-day vulnerabilities across multiple platform and types of software.