MNSE - Network Security Essentials


MCSI Certification Programmes are truly worldclass because the content offers you unique hands-on practical and challenging exercises that teach skills immediately applicable in the field and for career advancement.

This Certification has no expiry date, no renewal fees, no hidden fees, and is accessible with no time limits.

MCSI Network Security Essentials:
  • Develop information security registers, policies, procedures and checklists
  • Perform network reconnaissance and scan for network vulnerabilities
  • Harden legacy Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Harden Windows 10 and Microsoft Office
  • Deploy network-wide security countermeasures using GPOs

Career Outcomes

By completing this Certification, you will learn fundamental network and endpoint security techniques that will successfully prevent cyber adversaries from breaching into small and medium size IT environments. This course is ideal for aspiring junior security engineers that wish to acquire practical skills that can benefit a vast number of organisations.

Training Curriculum and Online Assessment

Students must successfully complete 100 practical exercises in MCSI's Online Learning Platform (OLP) to obtain this Certification.

After completing MNSE Network Security Essentials you will be fully capable of performing the following:

  1. Apply fundamental Governance, Risk and Compliance techniques in the enterprise:
    • Performing Gap Assessments
    • Using RASI charts
    • Proposing multiple ways to manage cyber risks
    • Developing a Risk Register
    • Undertaking a Cyber Maturity Survey
    • Creating checklists for Information Security Audits
    • Developing Information Security policies and procedures
  2. Performing network reconnaissance and vulnerability scanning:
    • Discovering insecure domains and sub-domains
    • Passively mapping out an organisation's Internet-facing attack surface
    • Scanning machines with Metasploit, NMAP and OpenVAS
  3. Enumerating vulnerabilities on Windows machines:
    • Missing security patches
    • Privilege escalation vulnerabilities
    • Insecure administration access
  4. Hardening Windows operating systems:
    • Insecure legacy network services
    • Deploying application whitelisting
    • Protecting legacy desktop and server applications
    • Hardening PowerShell
    • Securing Windows 10
    • Hardening Microsoft Office
  5. Large-scale network security:
    • Deploying network-wide security countermeasures using GPOs
    • Developing ELK filters to detect intrusions

Why MCSI’s Network Security Essentials Certification is World Class

  • World-Class Requirements Met Are Above Standard: Holders of the MNSE Certification have completed 100 practical online exercises demonstrating that they have the skills and knowledge required to deploy network security crontrols in small and medium size IT environments. Students take an average of 3 months to complete these exercises.
  • OS Focused: Students who have obtained this Certification have demonstrated that they can write PowerShell scripts and GPOs to deploy Windows hardening controls, as well as use Microsoft native tools such as AppLocker and EMET to secure legacy operating systems. They can defend Windows networks without relying on commercial products.
  • Augmented with GRC: This Certification also imparts fundamental Governance, Risk and Compliance concepts and techniques to transform the Information Security of organisations from the top-down. Students that have completed this training can write policies, procedures and checklists. They can also develop and maintain a Risk Register.