MICS - Introduction to Cyber Security


MCSI Certification Programs are truly worldclass with cutting-edge content that offers you uniquely-designed, hands-on practical and challenging exercises that teach skills immediately applicable in the field towards benefiting career advancement.

This Certification is designed to train high school students worldwide.

MCSI's Community Initiatives include offering this Certification free of charge to high school students. Therefore there is no expiry date, no renewal fees, and no hidden fees.

MCSI Introduction to Cyber Security:
  • Learn technical and enterprise security concepts
  • Discover active attack campaigns
  • Perform network reconnaissance
  • Extract data from search engines and social media
  • Employ basic operational security procedures
  • Classify binaries with YARA
  • Develop a password policy and a risk matrix
  • Build a home security lab

With this Certification training you will be fully capable of performing the following:

  1. Open-source intelligence
    • Google
    • Bing
    • Facebook
  2. Reconnaissance
    • Certificate transparency logs
    • Github source code leaks
    • Shodan
    • Whois
  3. Discovering attacks
    • Typo-squatting
    • Phishing websites
    • Malware samples
  4. Operational security
    • Safe port-scanning
    • Safe nslookup
    • Safe HTTP requests
  5. Penetration testing
    • Directory and file enumeration
    • Port scanning with NMAP
    • Domain and subdomain enumeration
  6. Governance, Risk and Compliance
    • Risk matrix
    • Password policy
    • IT assets inventory
    • Security awareness posters

Why MCSI’s MCIS Certification is World Class

  • World-Class Requirements Met Are Above Standard: Holders of the MCIS Certification have completed 75 practical online exercises thus demonstrating that they have entry-level skills and knowledge in the following areas: OSINT, domain enumeration, operational security, network reconnaissance, port scanning, YARA and GRC.
  • Practical Challenges: Students must complete hands-on challenges that have been inspired from real-life investigations.

Course Overview